Operators: Kenny, K2KW as ZK1TTT, Bill, K6KM as ZK1TOO,

Date: on-air from August 19-26, 2003

QTH:  Rarotonga, South Cook Islands, OC-013

Motel: KiiKii Motel, North-East corner of the island, 15m from the sea

Operating Times: Variable, but group will focus on working EU

Station Details: 2 ea. Elecraft K2/100, Force 12 vertical antennas

QSL Information: QSL all callsigns via Kappy, WA4WTG

 Mark, AG9A as ZK1KAT, and Ralph, K9ZO as ZK1ZOO
ZK1TTT & ZK1TOO DXpedition


A vacation with a little ham radio thrown in!

Photo: Sunrise in Jamaica. Forefront: 2 ele Sigma-40 verticals. Background: 2 ele array for 15 & 12m

Copyright Kenny Silverman, 2003. All rights reserved.

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