6Y2A - WPX CW 2002 from Jamaica  

Team Vertical is heading back to Jamaica for the WPX CW Contest.  The team will arrive in Jamaica May 18, and depart May 28.  We will be active on all bands, 6-160m.  Outside the contest, the team will operate as “homecall/6Y5”. 

Contest:  The contest will be held on May25-26.  During the contest, we will enter the M/M category, and signing 6Y2A.  We will be active with 6 stations on all HF contest bands, so please give us a call!  We would really appreciate a low band QSO during the contest.

Equipment:  Team Vertical will have six stations, running a KW on all bands.  Four of the transceivers will be Elecraft K2/100 rigs.  What’s a  K2/100?  It’s the Elecraft K2 with the 100w amplifier!   Team Vertical will be running the K2/100’s at high duty cycles.  A performance report on the K2/100 will be sent out on the Elecraft reflector. 

Antennas:  As always, we will be using Force 12 vertical antennas on 6-160m.   When right by the salt water, nothing else beats verticals!  Thanks to Force 12 for their fantastic support.  For more information on the antennas, visit K2KW's Home Page             

Operators:  N6BT, KE7X, WA6O, N6XG, W0YK, N6XI, and K2KW

6M operations:  We will be very active on 6m running a KW.  TX on 50.102, QSX outside the DX window as directed.

QSL 6Y2A & K2KW via WA4WTG  QSL others as directed on the air.

For further information, contact Kenny, K2KW                                   Visit DX Holiday, the Ultimate DXpedition Resource!     

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