CQ WW CW 2001 from Jamaica   Big Signal, QRP Power!  

For this year's adventure we will try something different - QRP!  Yes, after years of "Be loud or be hosed" (slang for “be loud or be embarrassingly defeated”) Team Vertical is going to try and set single band QRP records during the CQ WW CW Contest November 24 & 25, 2001.  All stations will be using Elecraft K2 transceivers, and the antennas are the famous Force 12 vertical arrays used in past Team Vertical operations.  Elecraft K2’s + Force 12 verticals = Big QRP Signals!

CQ WW CW Contest QRP single band entries:

10m = 6Y1A by K2KW

15m = 6Y9A by KE7X

20m = 6Y2A by N6XG

40m = 6Y4A by N6BT

80m = 6Y8A by W0YK

160m = 6Y0A (limited operating time)

Date:  The group will arrive in Jamaica on November 20, 2001, and the first antenna to be installed will be the 6M antenna.  We should be QRV on 6m by around 1500 GMT, Nov. 20.  Then we will install the HF antennas over the next day or two.  Departure will be on November 26, 2001.

Antennas: We will be using the famous Force 12 vertical arrays used on past Team Vertical operations. For more information about the antennas, visit: the Force 12 SVDA web page, and K2KW's vertical analysis page.  QRP doesn’t have to be weak when you are using verticals on the ocean!

HF Equipment: Five Elecraft K2's all running 5 watts for HF. 

VHF Equipment: On 6m, there will be a dedicated station:  JST JRC-245 transceiver (possible 6m KW amp too)

Power Levels:  All activity for contest and non-contest QSOs will be QRP.  Exceptions are: 160m to Japan (outside the contest), and all 6m operations will use higher power.

Activity: Outside the contest look for activity on 6-160m with homecall/6Y5.

160m Operations:  During the contest, K2KW will operate 160m when 10m closes down.  Look for 6Y0A on 160m beginning around 0300-0400z the first night, and 0100z the second night.  Outside the contest: the team will be active on 160m.  We will look for Japan starting 1000z.

QRP Tactics:  While our signal may be a bit weaker than normal, we can easily hear your QRP signals with our high performance antennas!  If you can hear us, we should be able to hear you.  If you can't break the pileup after a few calls, try moving your transmit frequency slightly higher or lower to gain our attention.  If the pileup is too big, try calling us again in a few minutes when it might be easier to get through.  Good luck, and CU on the bands!Award results:

Where to find us during the contest:  We will be trying to run as often as possible, likely in the high part of the band to stay away from the big stations.

QSL Instructions:

QSL all QRP Jamaica DXpedition callsigns via WA4WTG.  Special "QRP Jamaica" QSLs will be printed.

WA4WTG will QSL all contacts made by this operation for:  6Y0A, 6Y1A, 6Y2A, 6Y4A, 6Y8A, 6Y9A, K2KW, N6BT, KE7X, N6XG, W0YK.

QSL Manager Address:

Robert Kaplan, WA4WTG
718 SE 3rd Lane
Dania, FL 33004 USA

For QSLs:  Please send SASE or SAE + IRC/greenstamp if you want the cards returned directly.  Otherwise they will go via the bureau.  WA4WTG is an avid stamp collector, so if you have some stamps you were going to throw away, please send them to Kappy!  Thank you!

For further information, contact Kenny, K2KW

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