Acom 1000 Amp

The new Acom 1000 amp (serial number 10001) sits on top of the wood shelf.
The unit is a little smaller than the RF deck of the Alpha 76, and fits nicely into a Pelican 1650 case for shipping. The Acom 1000 + Pelcian case weighs 71 lbs. on the airport scale. NOTE: The weight specification for the amp is wrong! It actually weighs around 48 pounds, not 40 as stated in the manual.
The unit puts out an easy 1100w on 6-160m, and is easy to tune. There are lots of smart electronics which make the amp nearly foolproof.
The fan and QSK relay are extremely quiet,and it's hard to tell the amp is running!
This amp was used heavily on CW before the contest with 6Y8A and WA6O/6Y5. It was also used exclusively on 10m during the ARRL SSB Contest (among other bands). A few 6m QSOs with LU and USA were made running 1KW.