DXpedition University Goals: To be the first of its kind to provide a training ground for energetic radio amateurs wanting to learn the foundational methods and tactics of DXpeditioning. These guys will be the next generation of DXers providing you with new entities!


DXpedition University Operators:

Mike,WA6O. Mike had taken one trip to the DX side in ZK, FO, but ran low power and the pileups were not very big. While Mike has a fair amount of contest experience, this was his first really big DX trip.

Walt, N6XG. Getting back into radio after a few years. This was Walt's first time on the DX end of a pileup. Walt plans on traveling the world with his family and bringing ham radio along for fun

Tim, W6NS. First licensed 3 years ago, Tim has jumped into the hobby head first. This was his first time on the DX end of a pileup, and first major contest event.

Klein, WT6G. Klein has a big station back home, but this was his first time on the DX end of a pileup.

David, K0COP. David has operated a few times from Barbados before, but never in a group environment. This was also one of David's few major contest efforts.

Kenny, K2KW. DXpedition University Instructor