Comments from the DXpedition University Team:

When are we going on the next trip? (K0COP, WA6O, N6XG, W6NS)

My first pileup from a DX location was mind boggling. The material presented by DXU and a discussion with the other students/operators and practice has given me the tools to control a pileup from the DX side. By the end of a week being DX and having taken part as a member of a multi-2 team, I feel my skills as an operator have improved by leaps and bounds. Also, by being on the DX end I now have a better understanding of how to beat the KWs with my 100watts. (W6NS)

The DX University experience was everything I was hoping it would be and a lot more besides. My expectations for the trip were that I would:

1) learn about planning and executing a "field day" type DXpedition where you take everything with you;

2) learn about the advantages of vertical antennas in the salt water environment;

3) experience DX operating from the DX station's perspective;

4) experience a major contest in a multi/2 or multi-multi environment with a team of operators;

5) have fun;

6) that my family members would also have fun.

All these expectations were met and exceeded by the trip. I learned a tremendous amount and I can't imagine a more efficient or cost effective way of learning all this so quickly. In addition, I made five new ham friends with whom I would welcome the opportunity at any time to join in a similar venture.

Thanks and 73,

Klein Gilhousen (Gil), WT6G

Paramount for success is planning. The understanding of the expedition goals. The selection of a site to make those goals attainable. Then attempting to have a team assembled that can implement those goals. You don't have to have the very best operators but you must have very good supervision. Of course along with all of this is the proper choice of equipment and the knowledge to use the equipment to its fullest potential. I don't believe that our goals could have been met without K2KW's expertise. None of us had a clue about antennas, propagation or how to respond to the changing conditions. (K0COP)

This trip was even more than I had anticipated in large part because of the group that attended DXU. If I have an opportunity to go on another DXpedition or work another contest with this group I'll be there with out question. (W6NS)

Take K2KW on every trip and 80% of the battle is over! Simple Mon. (K0COP)

DXU has given me insight in selecting a QTH for DXpeditioning, antenna and rig selection criteria and how to fit it all into your allowed airline luggage. (W6NS)

Learn from the best; I knew that Kenny, K2KW has held the M/M CQWW CW record, he is also on the A1 operators list. Along with these credentials Kenny is an excellent teacher. (W6NS)

And special thanks to the staff at the villa who cooked delicious meals, and provided impeccable service. (K2KW)