CQ WW CW 2002 from Jamaica††

Team Vertical beats Lance Bass into Space!

Well, kinda.A dedicated satellite station has been added to Team Vertical this year that will be heavily manned during our trip.We willalso have another station specializing in the following modes: 6m, HF RTTY & PSK 31.If youíve been looking for Jamaica on these modes, this is the year to get them!

General Operating:

Date:The group will arrive in Jamaica on November 16, 2002, and the first antennas to be installed will be the 6M and satellite antennas.Then we will install the HF antennas over the next day or two.Departure will be on the morning of November 26, 2002.

Operators:N6BT, KE7X, W7CB, W6NS, W6FOG, N6XG, & K2KW

Activity: Outside the contest look for activity on 6-160m + satellites with homecall/6Y5.Operations will be in grid FK-18, and Jamaica is IOTA NA-097

160m Operations:We will look for Japan (daily) starting November 18, at 1030z

Contest Operations

Team Vertical will again enter the CQ WW CW Contest with single band QRP entries.††

CQ WW CW Contest QRP single band entries:

10m = 6Y1A Limited activity

15m = 6Y9A by N6XG

20m = 6Y2A by KE7X

40m = 6Y4A by K2KW

80m = 6Y8A by N6BT

160m = 6Y0A by W7CB

QRP Tactics:While our signal may be a bit weaker than normal, we can easily hear your QRP signals with our high performance antennas!  If you can hear us, we should be able to hear you. 

Satellite Operations††

Neil, W6FOG will head up the dedicated satellite station in grid FK-18, with around the clock help from the Team Vertical crew.Activity will be on the following satellites:AO-7, AO-27, AO-40, FO-20, FO-29, UO-14, and packet on UO-22, NO-44 and the International Space Station (ISS).Activity will focus on the birds that allow us to put a new one in the log for as many stations as possible.When AO-40 is in, you can bet we will be there.At times we will be active on both AO-40 and the LEOS with the backup rig. To help us give a new one to as many people as possible, please just work us one time per satellite.If we are begging for QSOs later in the week, we might welcome repeat contacts.For additional satellite information and live satellite DXpedition updates, visit www.w6fog.com

Grid expedition?Depending on activity levels at the main station, Neil may take grid DXpedition to FK-08.This trip is not guaranteed.Announcements will be given on the air, and on www.w6fog.com after the group arrives in Jamaica.††

6M / RTTY / PSK31 Operations

Tim, W6NS will head up a dedicated station focusing on 6m, and HF RTTY and PSK31.†† N6XG will also fire up on RTTY, so at times we may have 2 RTTY stations going at once.When not on the bands, Tim will run a CW breakable beacon on 50.101.6M Equipment:ICOM 756 PRO transceiver + Yagi antenna.

HF Stations:

HF Antennas: We will be using the famous Force 12 vertical arrays used on past Team Vertical operations. For more information about the antennas, visit: the Force 12 SVDA web page, and K2KW's vertical analysis page.QRP doesnít have to be weak when you are using verticals on the ocean!

HF Equipment: Five Elecraft K2's all running 5 watts during the contest.Most pre/post operation will also be on QRP, though not always.Armed with 6 K2ís in 2001, Team Vertical operators set 3 QRP World Records and 4 North American Records in the CQWWCW contest.This year we hope to finish off the World Records we missed!

QSL Instructions:

QSL all QSOs via WA4WTG.

USA-only Satellite QSLs:W6FOG will do a 100% QSL mailing for outbound USA QSOs via AMSAT.If you are a USA satellite operator and not an AMSAT member, you will need to send an envelope with postage to AMSAT to collect your card.For AMSAT QSL information, visit http://www.amsat.org/amsat/amsat-na/qslburo.htmlAll non-USA satellite QSLs go via WA4WTG.

WA4WTG will QSL all contacts made by this operation for:  6Y0A, 6Y1A, 6Y2A, 6Y4A, 6Y8A, 6Y9A, K2KW, N6BT, KE7X, W7CB, W6NS, N6XG, W6FOG.

QSL Manager Address:

Robert Kaplan, WA4WTG
718 SE 3rd Lane
Dania, FL 33004 USA

For QSLs:Please send SASE or SAE + IRC/greenstamp if you want the cards returned directly.Otherwise they will go via the bureau.WA4WTG is an avid stamp collector, so if you have some stamps you were going to throw away, please send them to Kappy!Thank you!

For further information, contact Kenny, K2KW

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