6Y2A has put a new twist on contesting, all the antennas are Verticals!

Once thought verticals "radiate equally poor in all directions", 6Y2A has proven verticals can be very effective antennas when by the ocean. The 6Y2A team invites you to take a look at our operation. The web page is loaded with lots of great information on verticals. 73, and thanks for all the QSOs!

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The 6Y2A vertical antenna farm... 

Here are just a FEW of the 28 vertical elements at 6Y2A. These antennas are the 10m, 15m, and 20m four element arrays dedicated to Europe. (click above picture)


 How 6Y2A/6Y4A got started...

Operating from Jamaica got started in 1997 when N6TV asked K2KW to organize an expedition for the ARRL DX CW Contest. The team quickly grew to include N6TV, K2KW, N6BT, W4SO, and JE3MAS (who was living on Jamaica).

 K2KW spent a lot of time finding locations on Jamaica, and finally settled on a beach-front location on the north shore of Jamaica in a town called Discovery Bay. Discovery Bay is around 1 hour east of Montego Bay. The QTH was comprised of two side by side villas, with 400' of beach front. There was an additional 600' of un-used beach on either side of the villas.

As the team strategy developed, it became clear that installing tall Yagi's would be difficult on this expedition-style operation. Thinking "out of the box" the team started looking at vertical antennas. Based on months of research, it became evident that verticals that were installed right next to the ocean could be excellent antennas. But up to that time, verticals had not been widely used in contests. The team was a bit skeptical about their performance.

The team performed a number of tests using vertical antennas beaming across the San Francisco Bay (salt water) to determine if the computer models were accurate. Based on the test results, the team felt confident that verticals should work OK.

In the 1997 ARRL DX CW Contest, the team won the World Multi-Two category using the call 6Y4A. Multi-Two QSO records were set on 160m-20m, which were the only bands we used verticals on (10/15 used Yagis @ 30'). Hmm! The correlation of QSO records with the use of verticals cannot be ignored. At that point, the team realized that verticals were really excellent antennas, and their QTH in Jamaica would be a world-class location for the CQ WW CW Contest.

Based on their recent success, the team then decided to enter the 1997 CQ WW CW Contest later that year. The 6Y4A team expanded to N6BT, N6TV, K2KW, W4SO, JE3MAS, AG9A, W9QA, and JI3ERV. During the CQ WW Contest the team used verticals on all bands. The team placed #2 World in the competitive Multi-Multi class, and #1 Multi-Multi in North America. While conditions were still not good, the team made nearly 15,000 QSOs, which was very close to the all-time QSO record... using verticals on a field day-like expedition!

Based on the 1997 results, the team decided (about 2 minutes after the 1997 contest) to return for the 1998 CQ WW CW Contest for an assault on the North American Multi-Multi record. For the 1998 attempt, the team added even more verticals, added more operators, and changed the call to 6Y2A. While still unofficial, the 1998 6Y2A results have surely caught the attention of the world... nearly 18,000 claimed QSOs, and a claimed score of 44 million points - a potential all-time multi-multi world record!

What makes these results even more amazing is that this score was made from a "2-point" location, and was at a severe scoring disadvantage compared to the existing world record made from PJ1B from a "3-point" location. Food for thought: If 6Y2A was in a 3-point location, their claimed score would have been over 51 million points...see you from Venezuela in 1999!

Team Vertical invites you to browse our web site to learn more about the 6Y2A/6Y4A operations...


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