Discovery Bay, Jamaica


The 6Y2A QTH is just west of the center of Discovery Bay, on the north coast of Jamaica. Discovery Bay is argued to be the point where Columbus landed. Our operating site was set up on two adjacent villas with a coastline that roughly went from 310 degrees, through north, to 110 degrees. This provided us a water path for the entire USA, Japan, Europe, and most of Africa.

The villas were on a total of 3 flat acres, around 3' above sea level, and had 400' of rocky beach-front. The villa used for operating was about 80' from the rock wall on the ocean, and the other villa was set back about 110'. (Both had swimming pools!) On either side of the villas were vacant properties, with a total of another 400' of beach-front. There were a few trees that were 50' tall, but not enough in the right directions to utilize for antenna supports. There were very few existing, solid points to guy tall masts for Yagi antennas. The ground around the villas was grass, with several inches of topsoil (on top of coral), which proved sufficiently deep to hold a typical tent stake.


Arial view of Discovery Bay. Our villas were at the very top of the photograph.



Great circle map centered on Jamaica, at sunrise. Note the mutual hours of darkness with Japan, which is FB for the low bands!