6Y1A, Jamaica 2001


JST-JRC245 + Acom 1000 Amp (new small single 4CX800 tube)

FT1000MP + Finn Fett KW Amp


Sierra QRP transmitter. *If you worked N6XG/6Y5, you worked Walt running QRP ~5 watts! Walt ALWAYS operated QRP on his Sierra on this trip. Many did not beleive he was QRP since he was so loud... such is the power of vertical antennas on the ocean!

Packet Cluster: DX Telnet to WU3V and OH2BUA

Software: NA 10.52 networked

Antennas: - vertical antenna arrays for the contest bands were provided by Force 12 Antennas

6m: 2 ele half-wave vertical dipole (wire), running 1 KW!!

10m: 2 element Switchable Vertical Dipole Arrays (SVDA) (for more info on the SVDA, CLICK HERE)

12m: Dipole & vertical

15m: 2 element Switchable Vertical Dipole Arrays (SVDA)

17m: Dipole & vertical

20m: 2 element Switchable Vertical Dipole Arrays (SVDA)

30m: 1/4 wave vertical with 2 elevated radials

40m: 2 element 1/4 wave parasitic vertical array with 2 elevated radials per element

80m: wire inverted-L in tree, 45' vertical section with 2 elevated radials