6Y1A, Jamaica 2001

Please wait for all photos to load. Each photo is about 15-22k.

K2KW putting together the antennas. The pole to the left (covering the ship) is the 6m antenna. The other pole was not used this trip.
KE7X noticed candles on the table when we arrived, which had an ominous sign... there had been routine (scheduled) power outages on Monday and Friday nights. Sure enough, on Monday evening, we lost power for over 2 hours. We could be without power at the start of the contest! But we got word that power should be OK on Friday... luckily we didnt have an outage. Gee, this reminds us of being back home in California!
Unfortunately the base insulator for the 20m vertical had been left home. To improvise, we needed a glass bottle for a base insulator. Since the diameter of the tubing was relatively small, the only bottle that worked was some Hot Chilli Sauce! Now that's one hot antenna! That must have added a few dB to our signal ;-)

The base of a 1/2 wave element has very high voltage, and we've had bottle break due to high voltage and heat. Luckily the hot sauce bottle held up.

Here is a shot of the spare FT900 station, as well as the entire operating table. All 3 stations were put on a 4' x 8' plywood top.
This is the FT1000MP and Finn Fett amp. We used extra keyboards for the laptops so switching from RUN to MULT station computers would not require re-learning the keyboard layout. The plastic jar holds the secret to our high mult total - Multiplier Beans! (candy)
JRS JST-245 rig and Acom 1000 Amp. Amplifier stands were built on a previous trip, which helps clear up table space.
For 80m, we installed a wire inverted-L in a tree with 45' vertical section. The rope holding the L-section broke without knowing, and the tip of the wire touched other parts of the vertical section, resulting in arcing. The wire is Teflon coated, so there is a LOT of voltage at the end of an antenna!
2 element 40m parasitic array by Force 12 Antennas. These are 1/4 wave elements. The bamboo pole is supporting one of the elevated radials.
K2KW adjusting one of the guy ropes on the 20m array. We used a 2 element vertical array using vertical half-wave dipoles, also known as the SVDA, first created by N6BT and K2KW for the K5K Kingman Reef DXpedition.
15m SVDA array.