4M7X M/M Contest-expedition

1999 CQ WW CW Contest

Coche Island, Venezuela

QSLs for 4M7X, K2KW/YV7, and W4SO/YV7 are via WA4WTG

NOTE: There are 9 pictures in this page averaging 50K each, so it takes a while to load!!



Left side of the moon: 15m vertical arrays

Right side of the moon: 10m vertical arrays

The station location was on a flooded salt plain, with the Caribbean on the left side of the antennas, and standing salt water to the right. This was a great place for vertical antennas!


 During the contest, K2KW looking over one of the destroyed 40m ZR verticals. We were able to fix it and get back on the air. This photo sums up the whole adventure - everything that could go wrong, did! But the team still had a great time, and are looking forward to the next adventure in 2001.


The shack was set up in 2 hotel rooms. This is the high band station. The hotel hadn't finished construction, so we had to supply our own 220/110v power. Oh, did I forget to tell you that there were no doors, no windows, and no running water? The hoards of hungry mosquitoes sure liked this arrangement!



Relaxing at the Coche Speed Paradise Hotel after the contest (our sleeping hotel).

Feet by N6BT.



Sunset at the Coche Speed Paradise Hotel (our sleeping hotel) which was a few miles from the operating location. This hotel on Coche Island was quite nice and relaxing. It mainly attracts Europeans, especially Germans! The beach and pool here were wonderful.



When we were relaxing one evening before the contest, a bird flew in and started drinking N6BT's coke!

No power was available at the hotel (well there was, but it was NOT safe… the 110v tap was made from RG59 coax hooked over the 220v line - it was just hooked, not soldered… and only the center conductor was hooked!!)

Anyway, we had to ship (via ferry) a generator over from Margarita Island at great cost and difficulty. The generator weighed so much, a special truck with a built-in crane had to be used to transport the generator.

Unfortunately, the generator failed twice in the contest, and kept us off the air for nearly 8 hours. The blue cover to the right of the generator is covering a gravity-fed fuel system which was rigged during the contest since the fuel pump had failed.

The brown area to the right is goat manure L


Keeping the antennas in the air was a big problem. This 40/15 MULT station Yagi fell 4 times during the contest. (the boom and some elements were badly damaged).

During the contest, the only antenna that didn't fall over was the 160m verticals! In fact, the 11 element 20m vertical array was down to 4 elements at the end of the contest L

The 4M7X gang drying off after the boat trip back from Coche Island. A hurricane in the northern Caribbean had produced a large storm surge in the southern Caribbean, and the normally calm seas were very rough. Everyone on the little boat got soaking wet. In this location, there was a wind tunnel, which helped dry off the guys a bit faster.